Kiddos and Cupcakes

Whenever I work on a cupcake order I tend to kick my family out of the kitchen while I'm baking.
So to keep my kids from having a love/hate relationship with cupcakes, I try to give them those sweet moments every once in a while.
This time I decided to assist them with their own batch.
As much as it goes against what I do, I bought a simple boxed cake and canned frosting, I premeasured all the ingredients and let my kids do all the "work" from there.
Next to add a little pizzazz to our cakes we added sprinkles. A whole bunch of sprinkles!!! 
Next was my time to shine. I filled the cupcake liners then off into the oven they went!!!
(...but not before they stole some batter from the bowl!)
 After what seemed like a million "Are they done yet???" and "Mommy go check the cupcakes!!!!", we were able to take them out to let them cool.
Before long we were moving on to the best part, DECORATING!!!!!
I gave both of my little ones a Dixie cup full of frosting and a small spoon to do as they pleased.
To no surprise most of the frosting ended up in their tummies instead of on the cupcakes. No worries, MOMMY TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!
With piping bag and tip in hand, I finished frosting the cakes and decorated them with sprinkles and chocolate chips.
What a great day!