Geek is Chic ♥

I have to confess, not so deep down inside, lives a geek who loves Cosplay, Battle Star Galactica and has always held a special place, for all things Nintendo.
(Shout out to Mario and friends!!!)
 So when I heard about Geekfest 2011 I was excited!!
When I heard about the cake contests, I was crazy excited!!!
...and when I heard there was a cupcake contest?!
Well, there are just no words that could explain that excitement!
Wow, geeky cupcake cakes. The possibilities were endless.
Should I do:
Lord of the Rings?✖
Star Wars?            ✖
Harry Potter?        ✖
These were awesome ideas, but just not for me. Not this time, at least. I wanted to do something a bit less "mainstream". Then it hit me! 
I mean, who doesn't love Totoro?!?
With that being said I present to you:
 my Miyazaki cartoon cupcakes!
Mint chocolate chip cupcakes with fresh mint frosting and decorated with all edible toppings!
 I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into these. Ok ok, more like  a lot of food coloring, sugar and candy!!!
In my house cupcakes and geekiness are a way of life. Baking by my side, was my 8 year old daughter working on her cupcake entry.
Vanilla cupcakes and vanilla frosting. (We decided to keep it simple.)
Needless to say I was proud mama that day!!!
After a long day of decorating, judging and waiting the results were finally in.
...I got second place... Harry Potter...
No worries, though. I had a wonderful experience and look forward to entering the contest in 2014, and dressing up again. 
Tee Hee!!